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Digital marketing services

Web, internet and Digital marketing services are now considered as one of the most promising service sector in India. According to an estimation internet and web related business posted about 42% growth in Indian revenue.

JR Infotech (www.jrinfotech.com) is pioneer in Website designing and development and complete solution of Digital marketing under one roof at single platform. Making website is mere not only solution if the company is not generating business form it. We at JR Infotech provide complete solution for it by our strong Digital Marketing solution. It is our guarantee to bring very good solution for your business development with SEO, SMO, E-mail marketing, Mobile SMS marketing, Digital hoarding and almost all ATL and BTL solution.

With in just 7 years now we are on e of the fastest growing website design company in India. We deeply understand the need of company (B2B and B2C) and design website with current demand of consumer profile and industry requirement.

Web designing services in delhi
•Web Designing
•Web Hosting
software development in delhi
•Custom Application Devp.
•Inventory Managment System
•Patient Managment System
•School Managment System
•Online Email Managment
•Office Managment System
logo design delhi
•Logo Designs
•Business Stationary Designs
•Boucher / Flyers Designs
•Poster & Banners Designs
•Stickers Designs
•Catalogs / Folder Designs
Digital marketing services
•Website Optimization
•ATL & BTL Content Mgmt.
•Blogs, Article, Youtube, FB
•Email, Mobile Measure (SMS)
•Face Book, Twitter, Linkdin & G+
Primary Contact JR Infotech
Mobile : 93111 98458, 98911 98458, 98102 75444
E-mail : info@jrinfotech.com
             : jrinfotech209@gmail.com
  • Our expertise includes
    •Operating systems – Windows and Linux 
    •Technology- ASP.net, Classic ASP and PHP
    •Databases – My SQL, MS SQL- Server 2000 and 2008, Oracle
    •XML, Ajax, Java Script, W3C Certification
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